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My perosnal light room 5 experience

Lightroom 5….. now handles PNG files alongside common formats such as JPEGs and TIFFs. And a new -Q shortcut lets you toggle back and forth between Clone and Heal spot-removal modes. These are part of Adobe’s signature…. Just Do It improvements that make image management a little more enjoyable..I did not know that at first until I started using it.

Whats Going On

Well while I’ve been in my internship, I’ve also been working on other things that I learned in AV. My photography. I’ve been playing with Adobe light room 5 and been trying to gain better access to Adobe Photo Shop.

What I experienced in digital arts excel tecc

Within these past two years,  I’ve learned a lot about audio and video production. The class has a lot to offer, if your outgoing and interested, you have to want to learn before you learn anything. This excel tecc program was a nice experience to have, I will miss it? Allow me to show what I’ve done within these 2 years.I learned how to shoot photo shoots. I learned how editing works for media. I’ve shot short video skits , to utilize what all I’ve been learning.  I’ve gained me an internship in a recording studio environment,  learning how to mix better, work with certain programs like pro tools,  adobe premier,  and even garage band. I’ve been interning as much as I can which is 3-4 times out of the week and every week. And I also have been using some of my photography skills to shoot photos for others  as a way of profit at times.I’m going to miss A/V greatly when its over. I have a great teacher, he’s really good at teaching, helping us students understand.  These two years have helped me shape a better view on what I want to do in life with my skills I’ve gained so far. I plan to succeed. 




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Investigators blame speed for Paul Walker’s crash really?!?

This is so outrageous. As if we did not realize that. It’s pretty obvious he was killed by speed like, come on. I am so disappointed and I am actually upset for them to actually just now say Speed. Its self explanatory and disrespectful to even announce it now when he even stated before death, that ” if speed kills me, don’t cry, just know I was smiling”. Paul Walker loved speed, he loved cars, I’m sure he didn’t want to go out like this or expect to, but at least it was in a way he kind of wanted and acknowledged.

I was at a new poetry event this week. I helped set up some of the equipment and got to perform some of my poetry. I also captured some of the talent.

I eas waiting my turn to perform. I was in a poetry event performing some of my poetry and I also performed a song I was featured on.

Article: Legendary flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia dies

Legendary flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia dies

Article: Legendary flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia dies

Legendary flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia dies

Day 3

Meanwhile we didn’t have school I still was making calls for internship at Lava room studios and the man John said he will call me back but he hasn’t yet so I will call him and while I am waiting I am still working on my photo shoot the process starts slow but I am getting a lot done